About School

All great ideas begin with a commitment to the future. It is with this strong commitment for excellence in the field of education that Gurukul Montessori School came into existence in year 2010. The grand edifice of the school symbolizes the state- of- the-art architecture. It has grand and unique Academic Block, Science Labs, Computer Labs, Robotics and Atal Tinkering Lab, Composit Lab, English Language Lab, Auditorium, Gymnasium, Shooting Range, Basket Ball, Table Tennis, Martial Art, Boxing Court, Library, Smart Classes, School Clinic and spacious ventilated class rooms along with purified drinking water and hygienic wash room facilities.
Since its inception, due to continuous hard-work, perseverance and dedication of the management, teachers and the entire fraternity now we are acknowledged as one amongst the best English medium, co-educational, CBSE affiliated senior secondary schools of the Prayagraj region. It has a credit to impart world-class education with an extraordinary blend of Indian culture and ethos. The institution is committed to build physically as well as mentally strong, intelligent, creative and happy individuals and groom them into good human beings. We are a STEAMS school which emphasizes the development of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths and Sports.
We are a futuristic school and are continuously attempting to explore predictions and possibilities about the future and trying to emerge from present. Our ambience is pleasantly modern and unique in appearance. Our school has a positive and nurturing climate. Students here learn, grow and experience life. Teachers are ideal role models for the students. Everyone helps to steer students on the path of responsibility. Our students and staff are community of learners. GMS is a school that learns joy, understanding and delight in what each of us offers each other. Scout and Guide and NCC here work hard to create lasting memories through quality learning and experiences of serving humanity. In the ATL, students are getting hand-on training which is helping them understand what is happening and how things work. Our utmost endeavour is to lead students to create healthy self-identities, to be tolerant of divergent thinking, do good work, act locally, think globally and create a better world.
In nutshell our special characteristics are:

Our School:-
1. Futuristic School.
2. Anger Free Happy School.
3. Fit India School.
4. Khelo India School.
5. Safe School.
6. Clean School.
7. Green School.
8. Save Water School.
9. Save Environment School.
10. Green Energy School.
11. Hygienic School.
12. Life Skill School.
13. STEAMS School.
14. Trinity School.
15. A Dream come True School.
16. A school with elite campus and serene surrounding
Our Teaching:-
1. Teaching by 21 st Century Teachers.
2. We teach Sanskar here.
3. We teach Values here.
4. We teach Trinity here i.e. Satya, Ahinsa & Shram.
5. We teach Life Skills here.
6. We teach Literacy to Numeracy here.
7. We teach Health and Hygiene here.
8. We practice Joyful Teaching here.
9. We knock the Door of Success here.
Our Education:-

1. 21st Century Education Blended with Indian Culture.
2. Value based Education
3. Art Integrated Education.
4. Sports Integrated Education.
5. Skill Based Education.
6. L.O. Focussed Education.
7. STEAMS based Education
8. Competency based Education.
9. Future Oriented World Class Education.

Our Learning:-
1. We learn Sanskar here.
2. We learn Values here.
3. We learn Trinity here i.e. Satya, Ahinsa & Shram.
4. We learn here through 4Hs.
5. Learning by Doing.
6. STEAMS Learning
7. Joyful & Passionate Learning
8. Skill learning to reach at the apex.
a. Head : Growth, Intellect & Ratiocination.
b. Heart : Promotion of Human & Social Living.
c. Hands : Experimental and Experiential Learning.
d. Health : Physical Wellness.

► State-Of-The-Art Infra
► Ventilated & Bright classrooms
► Play ground with swings
► Transport
► Well protected Campus with C.C. T.V. Cameras
► Digital notice boards
► Fire-fighting facilities.
► Water purifier & cooler
► Generator
► Solar Power Plant
► Air cooling system
► Xerox machine
► Canteen

► Safe, happy & friendly environment.
► Individual attention to each child.
► Teaching as per systematically prepared lesson plans.
► Regular inspection, evaluation and remedial aids to students.
► Revision classes before exams.
► House System for holistic development.
► Smart Classes.
► Spoken English Classes
► Centers for Music, Dance, Art & Craft.
► Physical Exercise, Yoga, Games/Sports.
► Table Tennis, Basket Ball, Martial Art & Boxing.
► Shooting Range
► Reading Center (Library).
► Teacher’s Resource Centre (TRC)
► Science Lab & Computer Lab.
► English Language Lab.
► Atal Tinkering Lab/Robotics Lab.
► SMS Alert/School App.
► Underground Parking.
► First Aid/School Clinic.
► Wi-fi enabled campus.
► NCC, Scout & Guide.
► Well Equipped Gymnasium.
► Acoustically designed Auditorium.
► Olympiads
► Regular PTM.
► Regular Training and assessment of faculty.
► Highly disciplined ambience.
► Focus on fitness of students.
► Visitor’s Gate Pass/Reception
► Staff room
► English Speaking Campus