Curriculum Rules

All great ideas begin with a commitment to the future. It is with a strong commitment for excellence in the field of education that Gurukul Montessori School was set up in 2010. G.M.S. has an extraordinary blend of Indian culture and contemporary education. Focusing on the concept of 'Learning By Doing', we have introduced 'XSEED', a new learning program which comprises of five steps: Aim, Action, Analysis, Application & Assessment. This innovative pedagogy is started by Dr. Ashish Rajpal, a Harvardian M.Ed. and a student of Dr. Howard Gardner, father of the theory of multiple intelligence. It is a scientific method and a practical teaching system which enables the child to grasp the concept and speak English fluently.

It focuses on skills and capabilities and discourages rote memory. Students experience, observe and practice concepts on their own. Hence, they understand the fundamentals and retain the concepts lifelong. They write concepts in their own words. Parents & educators observe a positive change in their children due to this pedagogy.