Education is the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. As we know that the education system always changes from time to time so we need to focus not only the students but also teachers to enhance our education system. For this purpose we introduced the system of teacher’s training where teachers have been trained at all the levels for the betterment of student’s future.
Importance of Teacher’s Training
.Prepare teachers for the school system (pre-service training).
.Improve capacity of existing school teachers (in-service training).
.Enhance the institutional capacity available at present for ensuring the adequate supply of trained teachers for all levels of school education.
Emerges as a centre of excellence in teacher education
.Instill the spirit of inquiry through research
.Teachers should be provided the opportunity for self-learning, reflection, assimilation and articulation of new ideas.
.Provides experience-based learning for multifaceted development
Lifelong learning
.Encourages teaching practices grounded in educational research.
.Promotes the effectives use of ICT in education.
.Fosters reflective and constructivist teaching-learning approaches.
.Our teachers have been trained by the educators from different regions and cities. We also used to conduct the seminar for teachers at school to enhance the teaching quality. We conduct the questionnaire session also for the teachers to sort out their problems.
.Our ultimate goal of to ensure that optimal learning takes place in the classrooms.